Website Hosting in Tasmania

Sick of poor service from the big brand names and off-shore website hosts? Why not try someone local who’s easy to talk to and available to help when needed?

Based in Mount Stuart, a suburb of Hobart in Tasmania

We provide website and email hosting in Tasmania

With our white label website hosting service supported by on of the world’s largest tech companies, we provide website hosting in Tasmania.

Priced the same as the big brand name website hosting services, we provide a top quality customer service with excellent speed and minimal downtime.

Best of all every dollar will remain in Tasmania – supporting our local, family business. 

Whilst our core group of customers are mostly in Hobart and Tasmania, we provide website hosting to businesses all over the place.

We’re always available to help.


What to expect from your website hosting package

At all times, you’ll be in full control of you log in credentials and account details. However, you’ll also be able to rest assured that our team are across all the details so that you never have to worry about technical issues, errors or outages.

Website Domains

We can help you purchase and maintain your website domains without any risk they will expire without your notice.

SSL Certificate

Our website hosting service includes all the required SSL Certificates and extras, with no annoying upsells or sales calls.

Web Hosting

We predominantly work with WordPress website hosting that includes 10gb of file storage in the base level plan.

Pro Email

With domain matching email addresses, you'll not only look professional but add extra credibility to your business.

More about us

Since 2017, we’ve been providing website hosting services to local businesses in Tasmania.

After hearing too many horror stories about the big brand name hosts, who’re always phoning and trying to upsell products you don’t actually need, we decided to create a simple website hosting service to offer directly to our clients.

This not only provides us will full control over website speed, security and outages, but also helps to keep costs down whilst protecting you against expired payment details via our direct invoicing.

Our website hosting service is not only fast and reliable, but we also provide prompt and friendly support so that you always know there’s someone available to help.

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