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Lovely to help Wendi roll out some stunning and delicate branding to support a new direction for her Hobart acupuncture studio.

A stunning little website refresh

So lovely to help Dr Wendi Williams (acupuncture) refresh her website design and reposition her consulting service with a new focus on fertility and hormone health.

Together, we teased her branding into a stunning and delicate little website with a soft and warm feeling.

The result in a nice little client experience that integrates directly into her booking software.

Key features

I’m so glad I asked Nic to create a website. He listened to what I wanted and knew exactly how to guide with intelligence and experience. I love the end result and the collaboration was a joy…it was fun and Nic made it easy. He also asked the right questions and I ended up, with his guidance, finding branding that I didn’t expect and it is perfect!

Dr Wendi Williams – Acupuncture

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