With a single page website and simple portfolio feature, Earthworm are poised to build an amazing range of content that authentically represents their business.

A cool little website for a cool little company

As Earthworm Hobart started to move from landscaping into a variety of creative building work, they dropped their old website as it no longer represented them.

Although they’re extremely busy, this move made it difficult for new clients to find them.

With a single-page website design, we helped them re-define their offering and start to demonstrate a portfolio of recent work.  The result is a quirky and fun little design that aligns with their cool little business.

Key features

I can highly recommend Nic. He is very thorough, quick and efficient. While very tech-savvy he also has a keen eye for design and detail. I am very happy with the work he did setting up my website and negotiating some difficult issues we had with my domain host along the way.

Paul Wheelan – Owner

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